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The range of trays Euroconteneurs Taylor equipped with casters and two plastic lids allow to combine ease of movement and flexibility in the treatment of waste.

Bac Euroconteneur 3 m³

Tray Euroconteneur 3 m³

Bins Euroconteneur Taylor and especially in a volume of 3 m³ are ideal for recycling (cardboard, plastic and DIB).

Bac Euroconteneur 5 m³

Tray Euroconteneur 5 m³

Thanks to its 4 wheels (2 fixed wheels and 2 wheels crazy) and his handful of handling, Euroconteneur Taylor is easy to maneuver.

Bac Euroconteneur à articulation déportée de 5 m³

Tray Euroconteneur 5 m³ offset joint

Thanks to its ample opening and its most reclined face, tray Euroconteneur 5 m³ to offset joint Taylor is ideal for your operations because it avoids any blockage at the dump.


Industrial Park of Erdre

44540 Holy March the Jaille



Boxes or bins multi-lift standard or reinforced, from 6 to 40 m³; box or bucket with hardtop, tarp or net; subwoofer or dumpster compaction; subwoofer or waterproof bucket; trays; Euroconteneurs-Pelican, hookloaders, Eco DI bins; metal walls; compactors; door-subwoofers

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