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The range of boxes and dumpsters multi-lift THIEVIN' with hardtop comes in versions fixed roof, sun roof and hydraulic roof for various uses:

. garbage collection;
. treatment of sawdust;
. transport of tyres...

The hardtop allows a secure transport and storage of materials from the weather and looks. These boxes and dumpsters multi-lift are available in lengths from 10 to 40 m³. Our hydraulic and sliding roofs are manipulated from the ground as from a dock. Lockable, they allow you to have goods protected against theft.

Caisson toit rigide

Box with roof fixed

The proposed roof sloping or flat configuration, range of boxes and dumpsters multi-lift fixed roof, is ideal for example for storage of tires. The loading is done only by the rear doors. This box is suitable indoors with for example of tie-down rails.

Caisson amovible standard toit-coulissant 30 m³

Box with sliding roof

More flexible than fixed roof, the roof is manual with before semi-opening and semi-opening back. He slides in 2 parts on the length of the subwoofer and the dumpster multi-lift and is mounted on wheels with bearing. Sliding roofs ensuretightness against the outside rains.

Caisson avec toit hydraulique ouvert

Subwoofer with hydraulic roof

Society THIEVIN' offers boxes and dumpsters multi-lift with hydraulic roof allowing a total opening of the box, right or left side or 2. The opening is done using a hydraulic hand pump. It is the ideal solution for your shrink operations.


Industrial Park of Erdre

44540 Holy March the Jaille



Boxes or bins multi-lift standard or reinforced, from 6 to 40 m³; box or bucket with hardtop, tarp or net; subwoofer or dumpster compaction; subwoofer or waterproof bucket; trays; Euroconteneurs-Pelican, hookloaders, Eco DI bins; metal walls; compactors; door-subwoofers

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