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This type of box or waterproof bucket allows to store and transport of liquid or semi-liquid materials (Pasty, organic waste...). It is provided with a one-piece rear door quenched by a rubber seal. The closing of the door is ensured by a tensioner ratchet placed at the front of the subwoofer and the opening of the door safely. Two additional locks ensure the door is closed. You can decide that your door opens horizontally or vertically.

You can equip your subwoofer:

. of a guard to avoid overflows during the loading on the truck.

. a sliding roof.

. a tarp system.

. a roof fixed.

This range of boxes and bins is available in sizes ranging from 6 to 40 m³ and is suitable for transport and storage of sludge or sewage waste.

Caisson amovible Etanche 15 m³

Water-resistant case 6 to 24 m³

These boxes and waterproof range THIEVIN' multi-lift trucks are adapted to your transport of sludge and semi-liquid products.

Caisson étanche 25 m³ toit hydraulique

Water-resistant case 25-40 m³

These subwoofers and watertight dumpsters, ranging from 6 to 7 m long and 1.8 to 2.5 m high, can be used in settling and for the transport of waste light soiled.


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Boxes or bins multi-lift standard or reinforced, from 6 to 40 m³; box or bucket with hardtop, tarp or net; subwoofer or dumpster compaction; subwoofer or waterproof bucket; trays; Euroconteneurs-Pelican, hookloaders, Eco DI bins; metal walls; compactors; door-subwoofers

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