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  • Caissons amovibles standards

A full range of boxes, bins and containers
for the market recovery and the environment

Thievin' is the specialist in the manufacture of boxes or multi-lift trucks adapted for collection and transport of waste for 30 years.

In addition, Thievin' activity is rooted in the current environmental objectives.

All of our boxes or multi-lift trucks are manufactured in France according to standard NF 17-108 (removable buckets to hydraulic arms). This mode of manufacturing will ensure the longevity and durability of your equipment.

All the major groups and waste management trust us, and the quality of our products is widely recognized by our customers.

In addition, we adapt to your needs and at a competitive price through an industrial organization that highlights an important reactivity human and technical skills.

Thievin', Builder of A to Z

The integrated engineering ensures the design and development of all products Thievin'.

Our equipment in machinery enables the production of a diverse range of products: boxes or bins multi-lift standard and strengthened; hookloaders and euroconteneurs; Multi-lift trays; boxes or bins with roof; subwoofers or multi-lift trucks specific; subwoofers or watertight dumpsters; boxes or bins to compaction;  metal walls; door-casing.

We offer the following standard equipment on our environment:

. Shooting beam strengthened

. Reinforced rear rolls with selflubricating rings

. Release side security

. Reinforced door hinges

Paint (2 layers of epoxy primer and 2 coats of polyurethane lacquer): customizable colors.

We also offer custom marking of your subwoofers or your body or your bins.

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Industrial Park of Erdre

44540 Holy March the Jaille


Boxes or bins multi-lift standard or reinforced, from 6 to 40 m³; box or bucket with hardtop, tarp or net; subwoofer or dumpster compaction; subwoofer or waterproof bucket; trays; Euroconteneurs-Pelican, hookloaders; metal walls; compactors; door-subwoofers

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